AR Lottery Scratch Offs - Ticket Odds, Prizes, Payouts And Info

AR Lottery Scratch Offs ticket odds, prizes, payouts, remaining jackpots, stats and breakdowns.

Bonu$ Buck$
Hot $500
$20,000 Money Bag
Beat the House
Casino Nights
Mystery Multiplier
3 Ways to Win!
Ca$h Pong
$300,000 Large
Triple Cash Payout
$100,000 Payout
Yahtzee™ Squared
$500 Cash!
$300 Cash!
$200 Cash!
$100 Cash!
$50 or $100! 2024 Ed.
$200,000 Bonus Multiplier
More Money
Multiplier Money
Triple Payout
$1,000,000 VIP Club
Black Pearls
Bingo Extra
It's Gold Outside
Betty Boop™
$200,000 Bankroll
Full of $250s
Double Platinum
Tic Tac Multiplier
Bonus Money
$75,000 Jewels
$350,000 Riches
$10K Loaded
X50 Bonus
X20 Bonus
X10 Bonus
$200,000 Max
EZ Grand
Daily Crossword
$100 Stacked
Quick $50!
Jumbo Bucks Extra
Lots of $500s
Heads or Tails
$200,000 Jackpot
Multiplier Crossword
Double Cash
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
Big X
Arkansas Diamonds
Bonus 5
Cash Lines
Triple 777
$50 or $100! 2023 Ed.
$1,000,000 Cash
$50,000 Blast